Fuck Sensei’s Library

Hello!  This is my blog, and I can say whatever I want, so today what I’d like to say is “fuck Sensei’s Library”.

If you’re an English-speaking Go player, Sensei’s is the largest all-in-one online reference at your disposal.  It’s a source of info for a lot of new players, many of whom are going to be women and girls trying out the game to see if they like it.

Sensei’s Library also plays host to these two pages: Gender Discrimination in Go, and Playing Strength and Gender.  Speaking as a woman who plays this game, a woman whose interests verge into nerd spaces and who constantly has to deal with an exhausting level of toxicity and backwards-ass bullshit from men so stunted that they are incapable of dealing with other people as human beings, this shit is stupid as hell and needs to stop.

I’m not even going to sit here and try to “refute” this hateful nonsense with Logic and Reason(tm), because that is a trap.  It goes nowhere, I’ve tried it before a thousand times, you get nowhere with the kind of asshole that spouts this tripe.  Yes, you’re misusing and misinterpreting statistics.  Yes, there’s logical fallacies and errors in your proofs.  No, I won’t legimitize your bullshit by engaging with it on that level.  The answer to getting rid of phrenology isn’t to critique the settings on the calipers.  It’s to punch phrenologists in their fucking throats until they go away.  If even the FGC can start to wake up and deal with systemic toxicity, the fucking online Go community can do it too.  You 1950s-ass pieces of dogshit.

You really want this to be some girl’s first impression of your community?  Fuck you.  Take the pages down, idiots.  And I for one am done engaging with your site.

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